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Mana - 25 Junio 06:53

The story of Margaret Sanger has been adapted to a graphic novel by cartoonist Peter Bagge.

Tolar - 13 Marzo 22:52

Calling someone a pussy actually comes from an old English word pusillanimous, meaning cowardly and primarily used to describe a soldier who ran away from battle. I guess that's still the spirit of modern usage in a lot of ways, but because of its similarity to slang for ladyparts it's taken that dual meaning on.

Bengelsdorf - 5 Febrero 04:43

I'm 100 for having trans people's sex listed as whatever correlates with their gender because the US legal system does not handle trans people well at all, plus it causes a lot of confusion when showing ID. But for education and health reasons, we need to remember that no matter what our gender is, we are still our bio-sex. Embracing that is essential to being a healthy trans person, and doing so is what legitimizes the transgender identity. Even if you don't want SRS (I'm part of that group).