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Palma - 17 Enero 15:09

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Ezzo - 3 Enero 16:45

Escort chilena Monserrat con mi marido. Sabrina Moon: Chilena Espacial.

Achterhof - 23 Febrero 13:07

Even if it wasn't the intent, there is absolutely nothing in the post that indicates that it isn't an generalization. There is no flaw in pointing that out and asking them to use distinctions so as not to make blanket statements that do not apply to a large portion of aces. As an ace who is not sex-averse, this is important to me; I've had too many people make those kinds of assumptions about me already.

Conrad - 24 Noviembre 08:55

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Tunby - 9 Diciembre 23:16

Someone who is OK to do things they joy alone without being concerned that others are going to think they're a loner.

Sherrie - 1 Octubre 15:58

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